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Financial Media Exchange (FMeX) has partnered with Redtail Technology to leverage your favorite CRM with the world’s largest content library, built exclusively for the financial services industry. Our mission is simple; We help financial professionals provide personalized marketing content to their clients in order to enhance those relationships and increase sales.

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Redtail Features

It's All About Integrations

FMeX's and Redtail's partnership brings you a first class sales enablement platform supercharged with a "best in breed" CRM.




With a wide array of client and account reports at your fingertips, you'll quickly get at the information you need.



Client Communications

Communications to clients via FMeX will be noted in Redtail for that client, giving you or a team member the right information for a follow up.



Calendar Events

Redtail calendar events are automatically synced into your FMeX calendar, streamlining access to events like client meetings, anniversaries and reviews.



Categorize and Tag Records

Sort for easy retrieval, bulk edits and/or niche-bsed marketing campaigns. Tags automatically update within FMeX.


Sigle Sign On

Single Sign On

Use your Redtail account to sign into FMeX, it's that simple. You can link your existing FMeX account or, if you don't have an account, start a free trial.


Join us for our Free Webinar series, FMeX Sales Enablement Product Overview, where FmeX leaders demonstrate how to use FMeX with Redtail.

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If you have any questions about the Redtail CRM integration, please email, and one of our FMeX team members will be happy to assist you.

FmeX Features
Redtail CRM Integration

Redtail CRM integration enhances FMeX’s sales enablement platform by enabling you to keep your clients, communications, tags and notes in sync. Redtail integration allows tracking of your clients’ data; providing more inroads for more client “touches” with relevant financial content.

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