WeyFest Community Festival Campaign

WEYFEST is intended as a vehicle to build community pride and will become an annual event. WEYFEST - a fun, free, family day of activities with an arts/live music festival component.

WeyFest Community Festival Problem

The stakeholders of WeyFest Weymouth came to my team and I wanting to start a Community festival for the town of Weymouth, MA. With some rough ideas and a powerpoint presentation, we were given a small amount of information to work with including; event date, festival event times, bands playing, etc.

Weyfest Stakeholders were looking to build a festival brand awareness, promote the festival and market merchandise while at the event.

The client was looking to kick off this inaugural year with a bang, setting up for future repeating years of the Festival with more participation and Festival brand awareness in the community.

WeyFest Creative Marketing Strategy

As with any creative project I work on, we started with a creative brief to gather important information vital to the success of the marketing and promotion for WeyFest.

As with any creative project I work on, we started with a creative brief to gather important information vital to the success of the marketing and promotion for WeyFest. Gathering information from the client such as intended audience, budget, time-frame, intended media(s) for marketing material, we were able to decipher the initial logistics of the strategy, and formulate a plan for the entire campaign to market WeyFest, from start to finish.

In our brainstorming sessions we developed a creative marketing strategy for WeyFest. The initial part of the strategy was to build a brand identity (Logo, color palette, mission and message) that emanated the feel of Weyfest: Unity, Togetherness and Fun. We needed to then formulate a message to evoke those senses to the target audience, the community of Weymouth, MA. Out of the core brand identity we were then able to focus on the vehicles to get the message out.

WeyFest Festival Solutions and Deliverables

This is a sample of deliverables for WeyFest Weymouth, including promotional poster, website and event press pass.

The deliverables to create the brand identity and creative marketing strategy for the WeyFest Community Festival included: Logo and color palette, mission and message, Website, social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and advertising, print advertising, as well as public relation outreach.

The job did not stop there though. Me and my team were tasked with creating all the event & stage sign-age, merchandise, press passes, event map, as well as photo shoot of the event as it was happening. As you can imagine, this was an undertaking, as there were many moving parts and deadlines to hit throughout the whole process, from inception to finish. In the end, we managed to deliver all requested deliverables on time and within budget.

Through the inception of the creative marketing campaign for WeyFest Weymouth Community Festival, we generated a great amount of interest for the festival. Over 10,500 website sessions and 20,000 page views from the short time of April through July of 2016. Our social media campaign for WeyFest also garnished 610+ organic Facebook page likes and 600+ follows during that same time span.

My Contribution

  • Creative/Art Direction
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web/Graphic Design
  • Front End Development
  • Copywriting

Project Deliverables